Super Bowl 2014

This was the first time I spent a Super Bowl in a sports Bar and realized that the $63.00 offer of, all you can drink and eat was a little excessive. As the game progressed, I chose correctly.

Since I was not partaking in the randomness of the waiter’s offers of beef, chicken, ribs, fish, and chips and every top shelf beer and wine that was in their inventory, I became somewhat embarrassed as I watched human gluttony at its best. It was a sinful sight to see so much food consumed and drink flowed until some could not stand.

It was also noticed the number of trips that patrons utilized the restrooms, to make more room for beer and drink rental space.

As the game became a route, I went outside on the patio and was surprised to hear patrons complain of the noise and the burps were some to behold.

Since Seattle was shutting out the Broncos in what would become a route, it was the festive gluttony of humans consuming copious amounts of food and drink that became a true super bowl.