Russia and Money making opportunities

The most recent world turmoil in the Ukraine is a matter for the country of Russia to deal with as they please and the US government should only become involved as supporting the European Union & the United Nations.

It is surely an afterthought but with all of the civil unrest transpiring around the globe in countries like Syria, African Nations and in South America, why are the citizens criticizing President Obama and wanting more of a stronger response to what is happing in Russia?

The US government is attempting to remove itself from a war in Afghanistan and Iraq which civil unrest between the many religious, ethnic and cultural groups who have been fighting among each other for the better part of a thousand years.

The true question is why are the surrounding countries including the European Union not making a more visible and public stance against the Russian Government?

The US government should not be the lead in issues concerning the Russian Government especially when other countries around the globe are currently experiencing horrible civil unrest that the media never seems to care about.

If you ask why is the attention focused on what the President of the US is willing to do, the answer to the question maybe “Money”. No other country or continent on this planet has the money making opportunities that allow businesses to prosper the way Russia has, is the answer.Image