morning Meditation

This is just a simple way of starting your morning in a positive way for the rest of your day.

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Many experts say that meditation early in the morning, before starting your day is best. This method is going to place positive energy into your mind and once its a habit it is positive energy that will normally last throughout the entire day.

1. Upon waking or after basic bathroom duties, place positive thoughts into your mind. Keep it simple, especially at first. Here are some examples:

  • I am a peaceful and relaxed person and I choose to be.
  • A top priority today is to develop a positive outlook and a peaceful mind.
  • I plan to radiate peace outwards from my heart for every person that I come into contact with.

Begin with one and then another and the last meditation phrase. Add others, that is fine. The objective is simple enough. You want to make sure that in ten or fifteen minutes from when you get…

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