Academic learning in retirement

While watching an online video about Norman Mailer I was somehow easily whisked away in thought to a time of my elementary school years when I was always excited for the start of the new school year. I always wanted to learn, and write, especially with my new line paper and notebooks. However at the end of the school year I was always disillusioned when I recognize the notebooks and paper were never completely used.

As I type this I easily sense how my desire to learn and write was within me but I was never challenged academically in my formative years of elementary, middle and especially high school. However since my retirement I have become appreciative of the opportunity before me to write daily in my personal journal, and an online blog.

Over the past two years, I have taken several online classes through an organization called “Coursera” ( I have gained academic knowledge in many different fields of study, challenging my thoughts, belief and ideas. I’m truly enjoying this time of my life without the stresses and distractions I had in my college years.

This is my fourth year of retirement and I have discovered a deep love of reading, writing and learning. As I progress further into my retirement years I’m gaining an honored respect for what I have accomplished in my past years and I’m looking forward to many years of retirement taking advantage of all afforded opportunities presented before me.


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  1. Oh I am a devoted participant of both Coursera and EdX! What a gift these MOOCS have been, enabling me access to areas of study that I never dreamed of being able to engage in.


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