Reading or Writing – How much should we be reading as writers?

This is such a dilemma for me at times and I’m retired.

S J Knight

I seem to be running back over the theme of lack of time in my posts at present. Although things are finally starting to settle and I’m managing my time better this weeks post is going to touch on the same theme again.

Again and again I have been told that if I am going to write and understand the market that I am writing for that I also need to be a reader. In fact I have been told that I needed to read as much as I wrote. Fortunately I’ve always been a big reader so its not as if this is a big adjustment, but from time to time it does leave me wondering which I should be prioritising. Yes of course, the better read we are the more informed our writing will be and the more we will know about what works well in a narrative…

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