Retirement Lifestyle; What to do

Many retirees work their entire lives towards and arrive at the date and age of retirement, seeking time to do nothing, travel, or quite frankly get the hell away form the stressful mundane rat race or the hamster wheel of life. This is a pivotal time to seek out and determine what your heart and soul truly wants and needs.

Retirement is also a time to de-stress, from all of the responsibilities you come to believe is necessary in your life. A time to reflect and de-clutter the stressors of life and focus on what is essential in the next phase of your new lifestyle.

This milestone is similar to becoming a teenager, graduating from high school or college, turning age 21, getting married, and having your first child.

Drawing upon these past milestones provides a base to reflect upon and examined your past while dreaming and planning the future.

Take time to put on paper or on your computer, your ideas, dreams and thoughts as to what you truly want to do in the next stage of your life. Retirement can be anything your want, it is a time to fulfill the dreams you considered before all of the milestone in life before retirement.

If you dreamed of lounging daily on a sunny warm island, kayaking for pleasure along a beautiful river or creek, bicycling as long as you want without concern for work the next day, this is your opportunity to enjoy the best times of your life.

In essence, this time of your life is similar to elementary school when the bell rang for recess and everyone raced outside to play. If you can recall that time in your life, retirement is similar, except no one rings a bell for you to return to class and most importantly you have money & time to enjoy all of the activities. Your only stressful consideration/thought is when to eat and go to the bathroom.