The simplicity of life can be measured when the need to have material items are reduced to what is truly needed. This is a great posting.


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How many times has someone asked you “What do you do for a living”? I have always found this question to be rather strange, as I do not consider an occupation as “living”.

Living, to me, has always been ‘experiencing the planet’ when I am not working. Growing up in Australia, I was raised on the 888 movement. The 888 movement symbolized the belief of eight hours work, rest and play. As a kid the triple 8 theory seemed balanced, however by my teens I found myself questioning the logic.

Mathematically speaking, if I live to be 90 years of age, I would have slept 30 years, worked 30 years, and played for 30 years. During my play years I am expected to obtain a college education, juggle a marriage and a mortgage, get pregnant, raise kids, plan out my vacations, waste endless hours in traffic jams, not to mention…

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