A Couples decision of what to do in retirement

I have encountered several retired couples over the past couple of years since I retired, disagreeing on how to live the next chapter of their lives.

One of the more common issues is when one or the other wants to seek adventure in their retirement years while the other desires a more relaxed lifestyle coupled with staying closer to home, near family, grand-children and friends.

What I find amazing is that neither visualizes they have the greatest opportunity to spend time together, peacefully without to many interruptions. I often wonder how they cannot see how this stage of their lives, is an opportunity to rekindle love that was initialized when they first met.

I understand the idea of not wanting to break the daily routine of home, social activities, seeing family and friends but, when you return from a long trip together, the life you left will most likely be there upon return. This debate has left many couples angry with one another, causing a strain on the relationship, leading to a separation, and even worse, divorce.

Now I’m partial to life being an adventure and that every stage of life is something to be cherished. However couples who have been together for a number of years raising their families need to consider counseling prior to retirement or seriously discussing their options and listening to each other about their individual passions and dreams for them together in retirement.

These are hard decisions for any couple but, if the relationship has survived after raising a family and the complexities of family life, this debate is just another compromise to manage and not give up on a relationship.


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