Blog Hop!

A uniquely creative online writing idea.

Writing without Workshops

We’re all writers. So why not share what we do?

The idea of a blog hop is to encourage authors to discuss their own work in a way that will be relevant to you and to readers interested in writing and the writing life. The plan is to give all bloggers about writing a lift, to build a writing community, exchange ideas about writing, and to support each other in our writing projects.


To do so, you’ll first answer one question in your blog.

Why are you working on the project you are writing now? Why is it important? (to you, or to the world, or…)

After thatinclude a note and link about the person who informed you of the hop, and link to three additional writers’ blogs whose work is of interest to you.

Next, include the three writers in lists or link pages on your blog

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