What are you most thankful for right now?



What is now the most important thing in my life that I feel most thankful for?

Ok here I go.

My most important thought of being thankful for in my life is my health, which gives me the ability to be thankful for the following;

To have an open mind after a past career of witnessing the worst humanity has offered. To have and maintain hope for a better future for all no matter what the horrible atrocities humanity has done and continue to do to one another.

With or without a healthy mind and body, I’m thankful for my family, friends and the ability to maintain connections. I’m thankful for their health and safety. I’m thankful for this time of my life to enjoy what I have planned and the unexpected surprises life has brought before me. I’m gratefully thankful for discovering my passion to write and the avenues this discovery has taken me along.

However my most important daily item that I’m thankful for is to awake in the morning with my eyes opening, heart beating and the ability to get access to to the bathroom. Lol!

Be happy and live life each day with a calm, peaceful, and easy feeling.