New Wrinkles; how dose this development change my life?

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If I wake with my heart is pumping, my eyes are open to see the mirror of my wrinkles, I would first recognize the lack of hair on my bald head before the wrinkles.

I recall stopping for a drink at my local convince store/(7-11), and when the business had monitors installed that allowed you to view yourself while you stood in line to pay.

As I turned to leave I recall seeing a guy in line with one heck of a bald spot in the of his head and I thought to myself that guy has a lot of hair growing around that bald spot.

A second later, I recognized that the guy was me!

It was such a shock to me, that I went home a shaved my head bald, and I have sported the bald look for the past ten years. I love my baldness and look upon it as my maturity and wisdom. I didn’t anguish over the decision, it was immediate and I have not looked back with any form of envy.

One reasons I suspect why I didn’t think twice of my decision is how as a child I would tease my father who would get his haircut every Saturday at the local barber shop. Now my father had only a crown of hair around the side of his head.

As a child I would often joke, about how he paid a full price for a half a head of hair. His response to me was, “you would one day be happy to reach my age and be able to get a hair cut”.

Now I do worry about getting wrinkles on my bald head and when I do, I will worry a little until, I put a cap on my head.