A Bookish Choice:

A Bookish Choice.

A literary-minded witch gives you a choice: To become either an obscure novelist or a popular paperback author. Which do you choose?

As an aspiring write, I would choose to be the obscure writer to be admired for decades and I in particular don’t want the notoriety because it would complicate the quite lifestyle I lead. I want to write and provide the opportunity for many to read and analyze my ideas, characters, wisdom and wonder what inspired me to develop the backgrounds of those charters I invented in my mind.

I would love the literary-minded witch to give me the opportunity to consider a third choice, which would allow me to continue to conjure up inspiration, wisdom and knowledge to continue to write until the day I die where I’m found at my writing desk completing my last short story or novel with an unfinished ending.

As an obscure writer, many will guess and wonder for years after my death as to what my final thoughts would have been. I hope only that the witch gives me another forty to fifty years for my last writing to be completed.

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  1. I like your third choice best, too! I want to write a meaningful page-turner that my great great grandkids won’t be able to put down. “You’re kidding me! That guy in those old-fashion pictures wrote this? And he’s related to us?”

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