The light of day

It is 2:00 AM and for the past eight hours of a twelve-hour shift, it is still raining. I only just want to rest my eyes as I lay on the ground guarding my perimeter position.

I remain awake fighting off sleep trying to stay alerted and prepared to listen for any movement of my enemy. My shift ends at 6:00 am, but when I see the brightening sky erupting over the horizon I will become excited knowing the light of day is my ending of the day.

So as I lay here pinching myself until I feel the pain or drawing blood forcing my eyes open to see the darkness around me. I can only think and dream of the light of day and my relief to take my place.

From an unintentional short nap, I wake suddenly to see the rain has stopped and the brightening sky above. Hope fills my heart knowing my relief is soon but, I hear movement near my position, about twenty-five yards away. My heart fills with fear, senses are heightened, and my eyes strain to see who or what is moving towards me that has my nerves on edge. I recognize the shadow as my relief slowly walking towards my position, and I am so relieved.

I roll to my back to view the sun shining through the trees above my head, knowing the time of darkness has ended and soon the warmth of my sleeping bag will give way to darkness when my eyes close to the light of day.

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