Charity gifting & challenges

The internet has recently been swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The media blitz of everyone posting their ALS Ice Bucket Challenges has been one of the summers biggest phenomenons, that has raised a large sum of monies for the ALS foundation.

I suspect every non-profit is seeking a way to raise funds through social media. I have a set list of nonprofit organizations I decided to give to in January of each year.

I’m not concerned with any news medial spotlights on an issues about the newest phenomenon, so sorry ALS, I already gave to the United Negro Collage Fund, and The Boys Scouts of America.

I think it is great these challenges have brought a spotlight on to the issues of ALS in a world of horrible atrocities taking place daily, it is great we have a large segment of the population dedicating themselves to a special cause. I wish more people would look at the great things we as humans can carry out.

I hope those who manage the ALS foundation are above-board with the funds raised