I Yam What I Yam – But Tryin’ to Be Better!

Great place to start to get better.

Joyce H. Ackley, Writer

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I see a lot of bloggers making lists of things pertaining to writing. I’ve seen To Do lists and lists of Goals, short ones and long-term.  So let’s play. I’ll see your List and raise you two! First, I’ll name 5 of my strengths as a writer, and next, I’ll reveal 5 areas in which I need improvement. Mind you, there are way more than five in this category, but I’ll keep it simple. Who wants to read long lists, anyway?

My 5 Strengths as a Writer

  1. I write good dialogue.
  2. I can write dialogue without tags.
  3. I write nice descriptions.
  4. I create likable characters.
  5. I use correct grammar.

My 5 Weaknesses as a Writer

  1. I fizzle out in the middle of a story.
  2. I am never satisfied with a ms.
  3. I spend too much time perfecting and tweaking instead of moving on.
  4. My plots for long works are poorly developed.

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