Saturday Morning tunnel vision

Gold Wing "Wanderer"
Gold Wing “Wanderer”

I adjust my helmet, straighten my gloves, tighten the fasteners on my jacket, and start the motor of my motorcycle and continue along the roadway. It has been two weeks of daily riding, traveling northward out of the lower forty-eight and across Alberta Canada to the last few miles before the Alaska State line.

I stopped for the moment to take in the beautiful scenery of a large black bear eating shrubbery along the tree line about seventy-five yards from the roadway. In the distance ahead I view the beautiful snow-capped mountains protruding towards a blue cloudless sky. 

Just to my left are beautiful majestic eagles soaring and circling high above against a blue sky when suddenly one dives into a nearby lake and fly’s off with a morning meal. The air is cool and fresh with the smell of pine, with temperatures in the mid 60’s it is a perfect motorcycle riding morning.

It is mid July as I arrive at the Alaska State line when I get off the bike to take photographs along with other motorcyclist with the state welcome sign in the background to document my adventurous motorcycle dream ride of a life time.

I suddenly awake from a deep sleep, it is a mid July morning just before the sunrises, in Southwest Florida and I realize I was dreaming of a motorcycle trip ride I took several years ago.

Now I sit wide awake wishing I had a tunnel to transport me to one of my favorite riding places on the planet.

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  1. I love this photo…and the writing/commentary puts me right there, and smiling when I found out it was all in your dream ~ and you’re stuck in Florida instead 🙂 Well done…sounds like a great trip you had!


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