Dear You~Embrace Change

Change is so important.

Nessa Grace

Dear You~Embrace Change

Dear You,

I’m sure there are days you feel like  your needing a change in your life but your not sure what that may be or how to go about it. You may be feeling stuck in a situation or feel as if your in a limbo state and just wish a sign from above will tip the unbalanced scales in your life in one direction or another. Just know signs are being placed in your life everyday. However, you may not be open or ready to receive the signs that are placed before you. Without being open to these signs, change cannot take place in your life. One of my favorite quotes by Mahatama Ghandi is “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Sometimes we have to look at ourselves and ask, “what do I need to change about myself in order to make changes…

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