Am I a Writer?

For the past twelve to thirteen months I have become a total book nerd, managing 4-6 books at a time. This book reading process has led to writing reviews for the books I have consumed, along with some poetry writing.

I new something was wrong with me when over a six to seven month period I consumed several creative writing classes, in the traditional class room setting and online to learn as much as I could about the writing process.

My writing is geared to short stories and poetry, with most of my ideas created before 6:00 am. There have been times I read more than I write, and I feel guilty and sadden on days I don’t write all.

Recently, my short stories and reading have been sidetracked because I have focused my attention on blogging especially the daily prompts. I now write everyday, spending time on my short stories while reading blogs about the writing process.

As the month of September has begun, it marks the thirteenth month since this journey of discovery has begun and I’m finding a comfortable balance between writing poetry, writing short stories, blogging, reading several novels and continuing my creative writing education.

So I think I’m an aspiring writer with a lot of passion.

R Scott Boyer

Upon having an idea for a book or short story, one of the first questions many people ask themselves is: am I really a writer? They may have a plot, or perhaps a character begging to be brought to life, but they also often have a day job, a wife/husband, kids, mortgage, and in some cases, all of the above. The focus and commitment required to actually complete a novel can be overwhelming, prompting many people to ask themselves if they truly have what it takes.

'I figured if you liked the first paragraph I'd go ahead and finish the book.'Years ago when I was taking writing classes at UCLA Extension, I met many people pondering this question. In fact, every class was full of them. As I explored the depth of this topic on their behalf as well as my own, it occurred to me that most of us fell into one of two categories: (1) those that wrote whenever they had time…

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