Dear You~Change Your Focus

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Nessa Grace

Nessa Grace~Change Your Focus (2)

Dear You,

Sometimes we let our past negative experiences hold us back. We allow ourselves to place so much focus on what had happened that we continue to attract that same energy to create the same type of negativity over and over. By not letting go of these experiences; it can prevent us from moving forward and experience what can be a very positive situation. The Law of Attraction is a manifestation of what we think. If we believe something won’t happen; it won’t. If we believe it will happen; it will. Depending on the type of relationship you have with a particular person the same thing can happen. By focusing on the negative things the other person does, the negative will consistently draw itself within the relationship. If you focus on all of their good qualities, more of their good qualities will continue to flourish and in turn will create…

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