Machines, appliances, and gadgets sometimes feel like they have their own personalities — from quirky cars to dignified food processors. What’s the most “human” machine you own?

Being the practical person that I am, I do not look upon machines with such regard or esteem. I regard the machines I have owned as inanimate objects serving a purpose to make my life easier.

I have a true appreciation for the following appliances ranked in the order of my needs. The refrigerator, electric or gas stove, washing machine, toilet, bicycle and automobile. I would hate to spend a day without this collection of man-made machines.

I cannot imagine living in a time when I hand washed my clothing, boil water over an open flame for a bath, or use a chamber pot, Ugh! Now most would read this and say, what a whip, but just try going without any of the above mentioned machines and see where your day leads you, especially if you take away the television and computer.

Oh, my goodness, we would be left with walking to a friend’s home, to speak in person and together share duties to cook and clean.

I know people who have an emotional affection with their inanimate objects, however in a world that is becoming more individualistic and self-serving, it would be great to just speak in person, or at least blog about it via a computer.

Who could imagine such an idea?

By Expedition Nomadic Adventurer

As a retiree travel blogger touring the US, voicing my wisdom, opinion, and thoughts about the retirement lifestyle and life in general. I'm an aspiring pre-published indie author of baby boomer romance and adventures with a whimsical comedic side. I photograph wildlife and landscapes, mountain, biking, kayaking, hiking, and backpacking. I travel the back roads and highways of America, Canada, and Mexico, documenting my adventures via print and photography.

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  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge, I look forward to reading. Go Blues!

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