Light up the Darkness

This is a powerful posting.
In a world where social media is dominated with opinions, given by people as a form of entertainment, the words and statements mean so much.


397850_212161932212700_153727211389506_417279_1336180473_n“The people that are trying to make the world worse never take a day off , why should I. Light up the darkness” – Bob Marley

The attached quote was stated by Bob Marley, before appearing on stage to perform at a peace rally; after being shot just two days prior to the peaceful event. It was also quoted in the movie “I am Legend” by main character Will Smith, as he recites it to the woman in the movie; in regards to the plaque that had killed most of humanity and turned the rest into creatures causing destruction throughout New York.

However, we can also take that quote from Bob Marley, to also start promoting what we love instead of promoting all the things we hate. If we focused more on all the things in this world that brings us joy and happiness, there would be no room in…

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