Seeking a quiet, peaceful, stress-free moment.

Many years ago when I took a stress management class and discovered how my life was filled with too many noises and continuous sounds that never allowed me to relax and experience a quiet stress free moment.


I discovered that noises in our daily lives can become stressful and in some cases harmful when we don’t take time to enjoy the simple sounds of mother nature.

The continuous volume of sound can become second nature preventing many from relaxing and listening to silence. Silence for most people is unnerving and seeking this moment is sometimes difficult to achieve.

Some people mediate to find their mental peacefulness, while others live in communities far removed from the sounds of a large metropolitan city, providing them a better opportunity to find silence.

Now close your eyes and try to imagine how far from your home, job, church, or community would you need to travel to not hear voices, the sounds of a car engine, airplanes over head, lawn mowers, or construction workers?

Listening to the morning sounds of birds chirping, along with the wind softly blowing through the leaves on the trees can relax and de-stress the human body better than any prescription drug, alcoholic beverage, or a massage.

However, seeking a quite peaceful mental time should be everyone’s daily goal, to ensure vibrant mental health, that will sustain a peaceful life for many years to come.