Verbal confirmation

To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

A verb that characterizes me?


Well, I believe the word “Move”, is the word I feel most connected to. However, I like the word “Adventurous”, as a better definition. I love the outdoors, especially the beach, with a hike in a wooded forest not far behind. Between, camping, RVing, bicycling, kayaking, playing pickle ball, and generally hanging at the beach, practicing my best beach-bum lifestyle, I’m constantly on the move.

It only because of blogging that I actually sit still, long enough to type out words of wisdom, give my opinion, and generally write about many different issues, along with what ever captures my fancy.

Heck, I, have to move on from the outdoor park where this blog is being written, because it is time for me to move to another site. I won’t sit too long, I don’t want grass growing under my feet.

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