Don’t Waste Time. Love Yourself, Now.

This posting is so important for all to read. Love your body, soul and who you are, say what you need and what you like. Such a powerful statement.

Loving Me, Too

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The Upworthy video below, with model  Jacky O’Shaughnessy,  reminds me of my second post-divorce boyfriend who said things like, ” If you wear those shoes, people will think you’re an idiot.” When someone gave me a compliment, he said,” Don”t tell her that; she’ll get a big head.” What’s scary is he was way better than my first post-divorce boyfriend. But that’s another horror story.

Warning: This video contains a beautiful woman in her underwear.

Thankfully I don’t waste time hanging out with negative people anymore, though I have caught myself letting them rent space in my head from time to time. I catch them quicker now, shooing them away like a fly that slipped through the door when I wasn’t looking.

Intellectually I know I’m not supposed to criticize my body. I’m thankful for my body.  I’m aware that I don’t need to look like a 24 year…

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