RIP: Mr. Comer Cottrell

Mr. Comer Cottrell

This is a sad day to announce, that Comer Cottrell, the creator of the Jheri Curl, worn mostly by African-Americans during the 70’s, died at the age of 82. He was a successful business owner, philanthropist, and at one time, part owner of the Texas Rangers. If you are too young to know or have not seen any Jheri Curls, Google the name, “Jheri Curl” and check out the many different styles worn by African-Americans and people from around world.

The popularity of the Jheri Curl, is similar to the braids or dreadlocks extensions worn by African-Americans today. I sported a Jheri Curl, during the mid 80’s, but there are photos, that I know of.

RIP: Mr. Cottrell