Time away


It has been awhile since I posted to the site and I have a good excuse as I was preparing for and attended the Florida Writers conference held in Lake Mary Fl. I was truly impressed with the professionalism displayed by the board members, presenters and volunteers.

I was impressed with the numbers people in attendance, and felt just as excited of the authors who successfully pitched their book ideas and were signed to publishers. Many any others gained agents and it was a wonderfully well-organized event with book sales and programs covering every issue within the electronic and book publishing industry.

I have spent the past two hours before dinner checking emails and posting this blog, so now its time to get back to networking and discovering more about this new lifestyle of becoming a writer.


    1. Janshesupe thank your for your beautiful comments on my postings. I truly appreciate your responses. I see a published book in the distant future, however I’m enjoying the process of discovery and learning about the craft of creative writing.

      Again, Janshesupe, thank you so so much for your comments.


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