Five Things You Need to Stop Saying

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Fill Your Own Glass

1. I am not ___________ enough. 

Yes, you are. Let me be clear that I am not speaking in monetary terms here. I choose to live a life that is not defined by the size of my paycheck (good thing, too, since size of said paycheck is currently zero). However, I understand that different households require (or desire) different levels of financial influx in order to feed and clothe children, pay mortgages and taxes, and otherwise operate comfortably. Here I am speaking in terms of self, or the you that defines you and the way you view yourself. So in that context, yes, you are ________ enough. You are smart enough. You are brave enough. You are pretty enough. You are strong enough. You are courageous enough. You are worthy enough. Banish the word “not” from the sentence. Say it to yourself often. Whisper it inside your head. Speak…

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