“Let it be”

(Daily Prompt) Write a post about something that should’ve been left untouched, but wasn’t. Why was the original better?

One month before Christmas a divorced mother who is a screenwriter of several successful television shows and a dozen featured movies, asked her daughter what she wanted for Christmas? Her daughter aged seventeen has always displayed a level-headed behavior in stark contrast to her friends who desired lots of expensive items. So when her mother asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she calmly said that she would consider her question and give her an answer within the hour.

So just before the daughter was about to leave for school, she stood in the doorway of her mother’s room and said I want a 3D-Printer for Christmas. Her mother looked a little perplexed for a moment, but she was used to her daughter’s unique style and was proud she wasn’t the typical Hollywood teen. The mother said yes, and the daughter left for school. The mother called her personal assistant asking her to order a nice 3d-printer as a Christmas gift for her daughter. The assistant ordered a 3d-printer to be delivered in wrapping paper the day before Christmas.

At 4:00 am on Christmas morning the daughter sneaks down to the living room, opens her gift and reads the 3d-printer operating instructions and moments upon plugging in the printer, she’s practicing making several different items. After an hour, she made the gift she wanted to give her mother as a gift for Christmas. The daughter is so happy with her creation. She smiles and falls asleep next the gift.

Two hours later her mother awakens, to find her daughter asleep on the floor next to her original 3d-printed item, and the mother is ecstatic. She awakens her daughter and tells her that the puppy she made was picturesque and actually look like the dog they had as a pet before he died several years ago.The daughter says it is a gift for you, and the mother begins to cry and they hug each other and suddenly the mother asks, why did you make me a puppy?

The daughter explained that she will be leaving for college next fall and she wanted her to have the puppy which did not require the responsibility of a real puppy but yet held a significant sentimental value.

They both cried holding each other and they agreed the puppy wasn’t the original, but it was better, then getting up every day to walk, or feed.



  1. This was a lovely story about an act of selflessness. If only we all thought of presents as something to be given rather than to be received (I know I don’t).

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  2. That was awesome. As intricate as the 3rd printer was, the simplicity of the gift was still present. Even in its simplicity, it was still a priceless gesture. Funny how that works

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