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The moment I read the post asking what is the most significantly sentimental special gift I have ever received tcaused my mind to recall a Christmas gift my son gave me for Christmas. The gift was wrapped in white tissue paper, inside of a green gift bag.

As I unwrapped the slightly heavy, item, that once the tissue paper was removed, I held in my hand a dark green ceramic model of my five-year old sons, right hand. I was so surprised that I gave him a long-held hug and told him I love him so much.

After I released him from a great big bear hug, he looked at me and said. “Dad, I put my hand in clay and they heated it up, but I painted it”.

I will never forget the Christmas gift, I keep in a separate plastic container, surrounded by wads of tissue paper to prevent it from braking, the most precious gift from my son.

By Expedition Nomadic Adventurer

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3 thoughts on “By hand”
  1. its wonderful / indeed a very precious gift

  2. Absolutely beautiful..

  3. The love between a father and his son is such an amazing one, which many like to undermine due to the image of absent fathers.

    This story paints the picture I have with my dad. I love him immensely, and no amount of undermining fathers will ever change that.

    Great story

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