Oil, Meet Water

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oil, Meet Water.”


My twin boys are as distinctive as Oil and Water, however their love for one another is deeper than anyone can appreciate. I recognized early on their differences as they played in the backyard with one playing in the dirt pile and the other stacking neatly their toy cars, wiping them off to see his face.

As they progressed in age, I watch them grow maintaining the same type of personality, similar to the Felix and Oscar characters from the hit play and television show “The Odd Couple”.

As they finished high school and college, they went into their prospective careers, one an architect and the other an environmentalist with a focus on trees. They have maintained their unique characteristics, that led into the women they married and the children they raised.

I now watch their children, each maintaining their fathers same characteristics. One group just as neat and properly dressed and the other inclined to sleep outside to be next to the earth.

As a corporate attorney, who loves the great outdoors, I will spend the night in a 5-star hotel, to feel the high thread count sheets surrounding me and yet I still love sleeping in a tent to see the millions of stars above me.

I am close to both of my boys and I get along with each equally, mainly because as I’m their mother, whose husband died when the boys were infants.