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This is a great inspirational posting with lots of great information for life.

The Faery Writer


Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt this week was all about using the prefix “in,” any way we thought possible.  Inspiration came to my mind first… then infidel.  Crazy word combination so I am going with inspiration!

There are many types of inspiration:  holiday, writing, reading, clothes, decorating, etc.  I just want to concentrate on the act of inspiration and how to stay inspired.

Staying inspired

(Image Credit: Pinterest: Butter

Inspiration is something that you must cultivate and grow if you want it to work for you.  Yes, we all have flashes of inspiration, although some people do not have a creative streak in them, and find inspiration a difficult craft.  The whole idea is to find ways to feed your creativity which then leads you to become inspired to do whatever you want to do.

I go to Pinterest often to find inspiration.  If you have not checked out…

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