In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “One at a Time.”

In response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt: “One at a Time.” Today, writes a post on the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words.


With the lights dimmed in the gymnasium, fifty children of the Paulson Youth Center, all below the age of eight, dressed in white gowns and red Santa caps, slowly walked into the church holding electric candles flickering against their faces as the tune the little drummer boy played by a teenage group of six and song by another youth choir.

The play was magical and the pageantry of the choir of thirty local college students singing with the teenagers playing the little drummer boy brought tears to the eyes of many of the parents.

As the smaller children assembled in front of the choir singing, a little girls voice could be heard. “I want to stand with Brian,”. She made this request several times as she pulled away from her mother, running towards her brother who was standing in the front row with his candle in hand recognized his sister and opened his arms to welcome her who stood next to her older brother.

The mother slowly walked towards the groups, and stopped short when the director nodded to the mother, acknowledging it was ok.

It was a beautiful moment when the older brother shared with his little sister, the electric candle to hold.

Suddenly the little girl looking up towards her brother pointing to the Nativity scene to her right, and she could be heard saying, is that our baby brother. The older brother attempted to keep her from speaking, but she continued to ask the question, and finally he said, “No we have to wait on the storke for our little brother, and dad says it will be a while after you”.

She calmly accepts her older brothers answer and returns to holding a portion of the candle, while staring at audience bewilder while the audience laughed. Slowly a smile came across her face as we recognized, a stage star is born.

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