The daily prompt from Stream of Consciousness, is “Present”

There are many thing that come to mind with the word prompt “Present”.



With the Christmas holiday approaching, I recognized the cheerful glee among many people at various social gatherings celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

The present, is to reach out and talk to family who haven’t spoken with each other during the year. The present, is re-connecting with friends who shared a close bond years past. The present is not of the expense, the color, the size, or the agonizing thought about what to get to give, when the essence of the gift is the person, voice, a phone call, or just the simple acknowledgement of a hello and time spent in fellowship.

Many gifts and toys will be forever treasured with audio and video recordings, however enjoying a cup, or glass of your favorite beverage and simply enjoying the presence of someone dear and loved, that makes Christmas special.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this for SoCS. I agree. Sometimes just connecting with family and friends is the best present of all. 😉


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