These Are the Police Officers That I Know

Police Officer Rafael Ramos and Police Officer Wenjian Liu; RIP

Fill Your Own Glass

These are the police officers that I know.

Here are the ones who recover an infant, dehydrated and starving, from an abandoned building that is sweltering sans electricity in the August heat. Here are the ones who transport the infant to the emergency room to receive the care not tendered by a neglectful mother.

Here is the one struck to the core by a heartbroken preteen who has just had her bag, including her iPod, stolen. Here is the one who took up an immediate collection among his fellow officers and before day’s end presented the girl with a brand new music player and accessories.

Here is the one who collects stuffed animals to give to children at the local domestic violence shelter. Here is the one who brings bags full of warm clothes to the homeless shelter. Here are the ones who participate in “shop with a cop” programs…

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