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books are the most patient of teachers

As I begin decelerating from Interstate 70 west bound onto the straight as an arrow asphalt road in the Midwest, I become excited knowing I will soon be surrounded by family and food at my favorite aunts home.

I love the sights of passing row upon row of dark green vegetation ready to be harvested by large combines. My mind floats to a time when my mother lived with my aunt in hospice and the evening of her death.

I recall the evening with vivid details, I returned from town where I accessed the wi-fi for school and my mother was near death. As soon as I entered the room, my mother called my name and stated she was tired.

With my arm around her shoulder, holding her hand. I recited the lords prayer to myself, as my family surrounded her bed all praying as she peacefully passed.

Emotional thoughts of that time swell deep inside as I turn into the driveway and I rushed inside to eat and catch up with the latest of our lives.

After dinner, I take out several blog posting I brought with me to read to my aunt who sits and laughs at a few and becomes emotional with poems I read to her from the blog site the Empathy Queen.

She is pleased with my readings and I ask her why hasn’t she opened her email to check my blog postings. She just simply says I don’t have time for those electronics gizmos, plus I can’t remember my password.

So I help with accessing her email and she singed on and she is a daily reader of WordPress sites, just like my mother would have been.

By Expedition Nomadic Adventurer

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2 thoughts on ““My Audience of One””
  1. Very tender thoughts! Your family memories are beautiful! Christine

  2. The first part of your story is very quiet and touching, then towards the end a little upbeat, somehow I can relate to it. Like the way you narrate and presented the story and its meaning.

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