“Internal anguish”


I have an ongoing emotional dilemma which frustrates me with such internal anguish, I seek the refuge of my many outdoor hobbies to clear my mind. However, when I’m away from the loves of my life, my thoughts, filter back to who I should be with.

Several times his past week just before Valentine’s Day, I committed adultery with my mistresses, “Ebooks, ” and my concubine “Blogging. ”

Although, as I committed these adulteress acts, my love for writing has never wavered, in fact my love for writing is as strong as could be, for an intangible emotional object. My love for writing has caused me internal anguish and emotional stresses, that I have succumbed to arrange a schedule to share time with my three loves.


There are also moments of anxiety when I become truly frustrated with all three, and I go for a walk with my audio book which, I consider therapy from the three loves of my life.

Since I don’t have that special woman in my life, my intangible love for writing is my Valentine’s. So, with the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I will participate in an outdoor hobby and I will rush back to be with my love on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all writers, readers and bloggers.



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