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The term metro-sexual, defines a male who is concerned with enhancing his personal approach by grooming, beauty treatments and fashionable clothing.

Many years ago I seldom applied oils, or lotions to my skin and I rarely used cologne, and if I did use cologne, it was on special occasions.

My sister gave me my first bottle of mens cologne, “Drakkar” as a Christmas gift. I really loved the smell of “Drakkar, ” so I applied it every Sunday for several months and when I emptied the bottle, I was sadden.

Because I’m the greatest frugal consumer, I waited until the following christmas to buy a bottle of cologne. When I made the purchase, I discovered mens cologne combination gift sets that included deodorants, after-shaves cologne, pre-shave creams, soaps, shampoos, and lotions. All of this for one price, I knew, the combination gift set may last more than six months to a year.

So as the years passed I amassed a collection of cologne and now it is quite unique if a cologne last more than three to six months in my home.

Numerous friends, mostly males have commented on what I do, and when the phrase metro-sexual became a buzz word some years ago, I never thought I was one since I only desired to smell, look and feel good about myself.

Because, I did not receive my copy of the “Male Macho Book,” explaining how my skin is supposed to be rough, dry and cuts to the touch. I chose to believe the existing mens cologne gift box sets are there for me to use daily.

I have evolved to understand there is nothing wrong with a pedicure or manicure, and since I never recieved the male macho book explaining not to have these treatments. I find it is a necessity, along with fine colognes, except Drakkar, Because I grown tired of the fragrance, some years ago.

I now have and enjoy my favorite cologne to include, Calvin Klein’s Obsessions, Eternity, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbanna, Ralph Lauren’s Polo, Davidoff Cool’s Water and of course my favorite Halston’s Z-14.

I believe that it is important men and women to take care of themselves from the outside in and most importantly their skin, since it is the largest organ of the human body.

Moisturizing the skin is essential, yet care and time should be set aside daily to complete the task just as going to the gym.

There should never be a judgement or debate about being macho or metro-sexual. Because, taking care of the one and only body is a matter of health and commonsense.

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  1. I like the smell of aqua velva or old spice on a man. Is that weird? Am I telling my age? Well done!

    1. Oh no, I still wear Grey Flannel, and it my cheapest cologne. It along with Halston are my oldest cologne

  2. Hai Karate is the king !

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