In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.”

Sleep is one-third of our lives: write a post about it. Do you love naps? Have trouble falling alseep? Wish you could remember your dreams? Remember something especially vivid? Snuggle under a blanket, or throw the windows wide open? Meditate on sleep.


Sleep is an essential need, yet, many people never get the type of sleep needed to navigate their day. I propose after lunch “Naps” become mandatory to manage the rest of the day.

The belief of sleeping 6-8 hours out of a twenty-four hour day is enough to support conscious concentration to drive a car, care for children, manage people of simply cook a meal, it becomes easy to understand why many people are constantly stressed, angered and basically miserable people.

I love and enjoy my afternoon naps without shame. I make it a routine to fall asleep before midnight assuring I get a minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep if not more. A sleep study I took years ago educated me on how I was never obtained Rapid Eye Movement, also known as REM sleep.

Research studies of sleep deprivation provide detailed information explaining how sleep is critical to the overall health of the body and mind.

Many wise doctors, philosophers, for the past 2 or 3 hundred years all agree there is nothing more important to someone’s health than sleep, yet sleep, food, and most over all health is abused and never took seriously until something breaks.


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3 thoughts on ““Sleep and dream time””
  1. Without sleeping we’d finish totally nuts, crazies….a good sleep at night and the wonderful nap after lunch are wonderful!!!!!!

  2. So many folks talking about sleep. Must be a blogger thing! Excellent post. Thank you.

    1. Why thank you JoHanna for the compliment.

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