“On the Edge of a Daily Routine”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “On the Edge.”

We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?


To keep myself on an even keel, I try to maintain a daily routine of a morning bicycle ride, or walk, then upon returning home, begin reading of blogs and blogging. The morning would be concluded without a vegetable omelette, leading to an afternoon reading of a book on my kindle, and always the afternoon nap. After the afternoon nap, the next several hours are dedicated to writing and reading.

Everyday routines are essential in life to focus on what needs to be accomplished. Yet it never fails, that around 9:00 pm, the writing desires emerge within me lasting between two or three hours, depending on the length of my afternoon nap.

The Daily Post Prompt


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