Loving Day: 48 Years of Legal Interracial Marriage

This is a wonderful powerful posting highlighting an important moment in American History.

Charnell Peters

Yesterday, my cousin, great aunts, and grandma stopped by the house for a while. In a crude semi circle of mismatched chairs, they chatted and laughed about whatever came to mind—family, church, shopping. Their conversations bounced around, split, and joined at breakneck speeds. One person. Two people. Four people talking all at once. Heads thrown back, bodies doubled over in laughter.

I’m always a bit surprised when Aunt Louise says something like, “We didn’t dare go on that side of the town back then.”  or “We lived in the red line.”

For a moment, I am breathless. I close my eyes and picture my great aunt as a young girl. Where can she go? Is she in danger? What is her world like?

The conversation snaps to another place, another time. I’m brought back to now. 2015.

Loving DayIt’s hard to imagine that only 48 years ago interracial marriage wasn’t legal…

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  1. I really enjoyed both your poem Wounded Warrior, and the piece on Interracial Marriage! We have come a long way – but have far to go as well in some ways. Thank you so much for sharing!

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