In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fifteen Credits.”

If you’re in school, are you enjoying your classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over?


I associate the Fifteen credits prompt with my college years and immediately I begin to recall those wonderful college days when my only obligation in life was to attend two or three classes a day, several times a week, and never on Friday. I actually studied between one to three hours daily and the rest of the day was mine to deal with, and this was before video games.

I imagine, if video games were available, I would not have left my dorm room for those impromptu keg parties, throughout the school year especially when I ordered more pizza than anytime in my life.

As a middle-aged adult, I look back at that time of my life with only a smile and the warm feeling of love and happiness. I have never wanted to relive any part of my past, since 90% of my life has been an incredible journey.

So, the prompt, 15-credits is a reminder for me to reflect upon my years of schooling and yet I’m keenly aware and understand the opportunities l lost due to my lack of focus and direction. Now my journey is ahead of me with wisdom and knowledge, knowing life is a continuous process of learning.


In the history of humanity, the opportunity to read, learn and collaborate with people from around the world to, access, and expand their base of knowledge is truly unimaginable, just twenty years ago. So, if you have responded to this prompt with the belief your years of schooling was horrible in any, just consider the following.

You are reading my response utilizing technology you possibly did not have ten years ago? So, I say keep learning, who knows what the future holds?


The Daily Post Prompt

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7 thoughts on ““Fifteen Credits: Never Stop Learning””
  1. Wait-no video games? You’re not that old! You’re forgetting the early games: Atari, PacMan and Asteroids!

    True, continued learning is part of the journey to growth. In the many years since grad school, I’ve read voraciously and listened to NPR to keep up with the latest in the arts and literature. For the past four years, I’ve taken creative writing classes at the community college in an effort to develop my writing skills. In the fall, I will continue my learning journey at the university. It’s my attempt to kick things up a notch to challenge myself more. What I’ve discovered as a “mature” student is that I learn from my fellow students as well as from the instructors. I think that continuing to learn is a way to keep ourselves young in spirit.

    1. I have recent taken creative writing classes over the past 14-months and I to plan to attend the local college creative writing program in the fall. Our journey is similar.

  2. Marty, a great message! Lifelong learning is for me too! While working as a Nurse Practitioner, I completed an online Copyediting Certificate Program (for one year), and several online writing courses. All in prep for retirement! Now, I have books in the works and I’m editing a screenplay. Screenwriting is an exciting new genre for me. Christine

  3. Written with a true sense of accomplishment. To not look back but face the future with positive hope. wonderful words.

    1. Hey thanks for the comments. I’m always looking forward with hope and determination.

  4. I love your insight that our journey is ahead of us. Inspiring viewpoint.

    1. Oh yes, I look upon the second chapter after parenthood, similar to after graduation from high school or college. Only the second chapter comes with a little money and wisdom. LOL!

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