“Fill in the Blank”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fill In the Blank.”

Three people walk into a bar….


Three executives board members of the Acme Widget’s company, walked into a dance bar on Bourbon Street, in New Orleans Louisiana. They were in town to attend the companies yearly convention and corporate board meeting, beginning the following morning.

They immediately recognized their president and corporate board chairman, dancing to the song, “Luck Be a Lady, ” by Frank Sinatra. With a smile from ear to ear, the president swaying and gyrating to the music with happiness, brought smiles to all three as they watched.

Once the song finished, the three greeted their boss with hugs and kisses. The president, with a smile said, I sold the company, I’m no longer your president, you are no longer employed and I will see you all in the morning at the opening ceremonies, and walked away.

All three board members stood with their mouths open, stunned and shocked at what was stated. Suddenly one of the three asked? “Will Mom tell me to leave the house?” The second stated, “She would not put her mother out, ” and the third said, well, I guess she was served with the divorce papers, this morning.

The Daily Post Prompt