“Love Patches”


Love Patches

Friendships form the foundation allowing love to grow sturdy and strong.

Love is the thread binding the patches of memories spent, during a lifetime.

Love is the warm quilt, patched together, covering two people with memories of their lives and their love.

M.J. Leake


  1. When we take the time to listen to our wisdom that is placed safely within a song of poetry will spew onto the pages reminding us the bigger picture the lens shifts and opens a whole new world. Welcome to your new birth 🙂 KK


          1. Oh, you didn’t see it on my page? I published my first poetry book just a few days ago. It’s titled “Wistful Soul”, and I am really happy with it ❤ I do use writing poetry as an emotional release, and it has helped me to overcome a lot. Thank you! ❤

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