“Today Was a Good Day”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Today Was a Good Day.”

In a Mesh gallery, show us what makes you happy. Share your ideal day, recount a memorable day in the past, or share your favorite things.

Every day for me is a “good day,” when I wake with my heart pumping, and eyes blinking, After morning rituals to include a great cup of coffee, I pedal my bicycle to Lakes Regional Park where I photograph wildlife and landscapes.

The results of a good day of photography are displayed below.



DSCN1955 (1)DSCN1956 (1)

The Daily Post Photo Challenge


      1. 🙂 I always enjoy your posts as they pop up on my iPhone. I am trying to fit some time in to write and get ready for NaNo. My writing time is my escape from a long day. Still looking for that one perfect story that can’t be untold. Wrote lots of stories that people like, but I need one that will be my breakout novel that will propel me into the ranks of, yes, she should do this full time status.

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      1. Thank you! I learned something new today! Heron’s have straight bills not curved! I often get a glimpse of a heron here in the bayou area of southern Oklahoma, passing through I imagine. Now I will check to be sure the bird has a straight bill:) Thanks neighbor!

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