“The Start of a Great Day”

It is currently the off-season in Southwest Florida. With few snow-birders in the park during the early morning hours in August, the start of a great day begins with the silence of mother nature’s, birds chirping, insects buzzing and capturing the calm still waters reflecting a morning sunrise.

The third and last photo has been spotlighted on the blogging site, “Before Sundown” as part of the sites Hall of Fame. Click the highlighted link to view incredible sunrises and sunsets. Before Sundown

DSCN2061 DSCN2060 DSCN2081

The Daily Post Photo Challenge


  1. Marty, wanted to save your profile pic (head shot with sunglasses on) for the write-up. But cannot save it in pictures. Can you send it to me so I can copy it? It’s a great pic! Chryssa

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  2. I agree, you should use it on your opening page. It’s in the Welcome Page gallery, the last one on the page. I’ll reposition as I add others. There’s another one of your sunrises there too. Now that I have a New Feature Header Photo every week, would you mind if I feature this sunrise and you for next week? I’d write up a little bit about you with photo, and you’ll be in the Featured Header Photo Page too. Kind of a Hall of Fame! Happy Wednesday! Chryssa

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