In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Crush.”

Who was your first childhood crush? What would you say to that person if you saw him/her again?


With a smile on my face, I recall those teenage years of wandering aimlessly with thoughts of a girl on my mind. I was too afraid to ask her out, so my dreams of dates to the movies, and football game parties never took place. I just walked around longing and dreaming.

My mother identified my condition as “Baby Bloomer Blues.” my friends called it a crush, I called it love.

Many years later I was able to tell the now woman of my crush I held for her during high school. We both laughed, and she explained she was never aware I was interested in her, but would have dated me if asked. After twenty-plus years, my heart skipped a beat with her statement.

As we talked, she reached for my right hand and held it within hers. I suddenly became nervous with emotions swelling up from so many years ago. I was so happy as we talked and while we were exchanging cellular phone number’s, she asked if I was married.

I told her, I was divorced, and a single father of two teens. With my head down writing my number out on a piece of paper, I asked if she was married, and she replied, she has been married for ten plus years and has four children between two and thirteen years of age.

Her comment stopped me from writing, and my nerves calmed and the sweatiness on my back began to dry. We exchanged numbers, however as I gave her my work number since I lived out of the area. I felt our conversation was leading to a possible exploration of an extramarital crush.

We continued talking, and I even met her husband, who showed me photos of their four kids. He is a very nice gentleman and proud to be married to my high school crush.

I have matured beyond the Baby Bloomer Blues phase of my life, even thoughs some of those feelings still exists.

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By Expedition Nomadic Adventurer

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19 thoughts on ““First Crush””
  1. nice read!

    1. Thanks Lynz! 😀👍🏾😊😃

  2. They say you never forget your “first love”……………I say why forget such a memorable occasion after all it was of the purest kind of love……

    1. Those feelings and memories always warms the heart. 🙂

  3. The mellow thoughts of younger days!

    1. Oh yes, emotional memories of the past will always be mellow thoughts.

  4. Us baby boomers changed the world! First crush? Jimmy Weese. He never even knew I was alive. lol

    1. The mind is so powerful to hold onto memories of past loves and carry them forever.

      1. What a lovely, encouraging sentiment..

        1. Why, thank you Bowman author. I try to maintain a passionate, positive outlook for life. 🙂

          1. So do I!

  5. Hi!
    I met you on Hugh’s site. I am a friend of his. Thank you for liking my comment on his blogging post.
    In response to your post: I still remember my first crushes. The first was awkward, and the second was painful! Nice to meet you.

    1. Hello Janice, thanks for viewing my site. I will in return view yours. Hugh, has posted great information that educates bloggers.

      I have reposted several of Hugh’s educational tidbits. 🙂

  6. My first crush was for a boy in my Primary school days. I can’t remember if i was in Pri 4 or 5. Anyways my young heart was filled with butterflies each time i went to school. Funny i can’t clearly remember his face now may be because we were so young but i do remember that he was very cute. We remained class friends but my crush for him was my little secret. In my opinion crushes teach us lessons of love. Thanks for sharing your story

    1. Hey thanks for the comments. These types of emotion last a life time. 🙂

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  8. My first crush was Glen Campbell. Totally unattainable! 🙂

    1. I remember Glen Campbell. He recently retired from entertainment because of Alzheimers. He wrote some great songs in the 70’s, including “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

  9. Hey Mr Nomad, I see you’ve been busy poking around on my blog. Thank you for all the likes 🙂
    Those first crushes are so bitter sweet, are they not ?! They leave imprints in our hearts. Happy nomading 🙂

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