How writing has changed through the ages

Great essay of writing history! 🙂

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Writing in the modern era is very different to writing even fifty years ago. Technology, lifestyle, attitudes, and education have all played an important role.

Writing today ought to be easier, better and faster. But is this really so?



Not so very long ago if you wanted to research something you…

a) Asked someone older and wiser (and trusted that they were not making the answer up)

b) Went to the library (assuming it was opening time)

c) Dragged out your Encyclopaedia Britannica (if you were lucky enough to have the set—or half the set…)

Research is infinitely easier in the modern world, all courtesy of the internet. For example, the other day I needed to find out how best and practically to carry an unconscious body on a horse—voila! Thus, providing a demonstration of why a writer’s internet history should never be used in a court of law.

Writing tools…

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  1. Neither Mom nor Dad were college educated. They were however, pretty smart . We always had books and I can remember Mom reading to us at bedtime either from Mother Goose or from another of several different story books. In our small Pennsylvania town the grocery store offered a basic set of encyclopedias at a low price per piece with the purchase of a certain amount. I used those until the edges were worn and wish I still had them today. Thanks Mom and Dad.

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            1. My son’s first computer in the mid nineties came with Encarta Encyclopedia by Britannica, which is now a free download.

              He ask if I had a computer when I was growing up as a child. I laughed so hard he thought something was wrong.

              When I explain to him what an encyclopedia was, he never grasped the idea until I took him to the library. LOL!!

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