Great essay of writing history! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “How writing has changed through the ages”
  1. ha ha! I remember those days of the Encyclopedia!

    1. The word encyclopedia instantly takes me back the college library with several of them around me just trying to find information on the history of Genghis Khan. 🙂

      1. I remember sitting on the floor by the bookshelf looking through them alphabetically when I was in jr. high!

        1. My adult children have only seen them in the library. Soon they will only be seen in museums. 🙂

          1. ha ha yes! My kids never have seen one I don’t think!! They grew up in Saudi, so no such thing!

            1. My son’s first computer in the mid nineties came with Encarta Encyclopedia by Britannica, which is now a free download.

              He ask if I had a computer when I was growing up as a child. I laughed so hard he thought something was wrong.

              When I explain to him what an encyclopedia was, he never grasped the idea until I took him to the library. LOL!!

              1. Ha ha wow ok I feel old, but its a good thing!

  2. Ah….the sheer pleasure of writing with a fountain pen!

    1. I use a pen from time to time for a nostalgic feeling. Lately ,I have penned letters to family member using a quill and pen. I don’t think they notice. 🙂

      1. Let them not! At least you have the inner happiness!!

        1. Oh so true!

  3. Neither Mom nor Dad were college educated. They were however, pretty smart . We always had books and I can remember Mom reading to us at bedtime either from Mother Goose or from another of several different story books. In our small Pennsylvania town the grocery store offered a basic set of encyclopedias at a low price per piece with the purchase of a certain amount. I used those until the edges were worn and wish I still had them today. Thanks Mom and Dad.

    1. I think in the near future an original set of encyclopedias will only be found in a museum.

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