In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Handwritten.”

When was the last time you wrote something by hand? What was it?


Over the past year, I became a letter writer and I recently wrote my niece a letter acknowledging and celebrating her recent graduation and her college start. However, I wrote the letter using an actual “Quill and Pen.” Dipping the quill into the inkwell and writing on burnt colored parchment paper gave me an incredible sensation of nostalgia. Folding and sliding the paper into a matching colored envelope and sealing with a monogram letter stamped in red wax, this was an overwhelming experience.

 images feather-pen-set

I hope my letter will become a keepsake item and in the coming years she will come across my letter and look upon it as a “Handwritten” ancient form of communication.

The Daily Post Prompt


  1. Unfortunately, handwriting is becoming a lost art. They don’t even teach it in school after third grade. I try to handwrite letters to my grandchildren as much as possible. There is something so personal about the written word. So sad that it’s fading away.

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  2. I used to use a quill and ink when I did calligraphy, but they’re difficult to hold with arthritic hands. Now I use an ink pen that’s fatter and easier to grip. 🙂

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      1. I think that we’re not that far apart, age wise. 😛 Arthritis just caught up with me sooner than most people. ^_^

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