“Immortalized in a Hologram”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Immortalized in Stone.”

Your personal sculptor is carving a person, thing or event from the last year of your life. What’s the statue of and what makes it so significant?


At 82 years of age, I was in Patagonia South America, blogging about my travels and photographing the wildlife and landscapes when I became gravely ill.

I quickly secured transportation returning to Florida for medical treatments. Upon arrival at the airport, my family and friends greeted me with love and gifts.

Several hours later at home two of my great-grandchildren presented me with a holographic display.

When activated, the hologram displays a rotating Earth. The vivid details of cloud formations, mountains, rivers, valleys and the earth oceans was simply magnificent. The incredibly graphic details of trees, grasses, and flowers of various colors and varieties were beautiful

After several rotations, the earth begins highlighting my photo indicating the locations I traveled and visited throughout my life.

The five-minute display ended with a group photo of my family and friends at our current location.

I was elated and overwhelmed with emotions, filling my heart with joy and love.

Tears filled my eyes when I hugged my two great-grandchildren who presented me with the gift.

My writings and photography will be available for my family and friends to see and read. However, the holographic gift displays the visual details of my nomadic travels.


The Daily Post Prompt


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