In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”

Treats and indulgences can take many forms. Share yours with us!

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Most mornings I venture out to the gym before the sunrise and after an hour I peak outside to see if there is cloud cover, I’m always hopeful when I see broken cloud cover but, this particular morning the cloud cover was dense except there was an unusual brightness on the eastern horizon. Now most would say it is the sunrise but the brightness was muted

I drove west towards the beach and came upon a thick marine cloud cover blanketing the Gulf Of Mexico. However, the above photos provided me a “treat” for the morning sunrise.

 Daily photo Challenge


  1. Wow – you’re retired and you get up before sunrise. You go to the gym and THEN take the most amazing photos. Me – I stay in bed until the sun comes up and then go to my computer and FB and Twitter. Haven’t used my camera for months and I’m getting fat. I found some inspiration in your post. I dare you to challenge me to change.

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